Larry Greenberg

E3 Fit Swim Program Participant

I love running.  I have been a long distance runner for 30 years. But I have always thought of myself as a poor swimmer.  Last year a friend of mine suggested we do a triathlon together and my first thought was – “but I can’t swim.”


When I took my first swimming lesson less than one year ago I was tired out after just swimming one lap of the 25 meter pool.  After watching me swim Lisa asked me what I thought I needed to improve in my swimming,  I said to her “everything.”  She responded  – “Well, you know what you need to do and I am going to help you get there.”


I do two training sessions a week with Lisa.


One is through a Japanese triathlon club called Lumina and brings together a group of primarily Japanese athletes who range from people like me who need to work on their basic form as well as develop stamina across the entire stroke range, all the way up to Iron Man triathletes.  It is very impressive to see Lisa coordinate this diverse group while still giving careful and detailed advice to each of the individuals.  She does not simply give advice from the poolside.  Lisa is right there in the water, showing us where our arms and legs are supposed to be and helping us to adjust our body positions to get the maximum effect from our effort.


I also participate in a weekly training session that Lisa gives at the Tokyo American Club that targets serious triathletes, mostly foreigners.  The men and women in that group are dedicated athletes, including champions in various sports categories.  It is a challenge for me to keep up with them but it is also exciting to watch Lisa helping athletes with decades of experience to go back to their basics and make fundamental improvements to their strokes and form.


I should also mention that Lisa has been the swimming instructor for both my 4 year old son and my 2 year old daughter!  Whether she is working with Iron Man triathletes, marathon runners new to swimming or two year old kids, Lisa exudes the same confident smile and an efficient no-nonsense approach to basic and holistic training.



トライアスロン挑戦を決意した時にリサコーチに出会い、最初は25mも泳げなかったのに、約1年でironman Taiwan70.3が完走出来るまでになりました。リサコーチに水泳の基礎フォームとオープンウォーターでの泳ぎ方を丁寧に教えてもらえたおかげです!

Kate Doran

Kids Private Lesson

When my son started taking lessons he was afraid to have water run down his face. Within no time, he was diving underwater. She was quickly able to assess his character and knew when to push and when to go easy. Her patience and creativity created the confident, independent swimmer he is today. He recently competed in his first freestyle competition at the age of 6. She’s an amazing teacher!

Wayne Alexander

E3 Fit Swim Program Participant

I have been doing triathlons for over 25 years including several Ironmans and countless Olympic distances. I have trained with many different coaches.

Without question Coach Lisa is by far the best swimming coach under which I have had the privilege to train. Since taking Coach Lisa’s E3 Fit lessons I have finished the triathlon’s swim faster and with more energy for the bike and run. What Coach Lisa teaches really does make swimming more easy, efficient and effective. Her attention to techniques, including techniques specific for open water swimming, lead to a faster swim. E3 Fit produces results much quicker and better than Masters’ repetitive swim drills. What also makes Coach Lisa special is her enthusiasm and dedication to her students. I have never known a swim coach who spends so much time in pool with her students to help improve their swim. If you have a chance to train with Coach Lisa, don’t miss it!




Jemerson Vierneza

E3 Fit Swim Program Participant

E3 Fit as the acronym goes, highly-effective, relaxing(easy) and effortless (efficient) ! A top-notch instruction that clearly delivers terrific method and a full sense of fun while maximizing your potential. I really like how we started that warm-up (you have to find it out yourself) and gave me a great impression that surely will last. Not to mention the personal feedback/review of your stroke, rarely you can have from other school. I’ll give it a 5-star for the outstanding motivation and fantastic swimming lesson.

Philippe Boué

E3 Fit Swim Program Participant

With a running background, transitioning to triathlon, I needed to improve my swimming technique with the objective of becoming more efficient for long Open Water distances. Coach Lisa emphasizes in her lessons workouts on core strength and kick ability, it definitely helps me to improve and glide almost effortless!