Lesson info

E3-Fit Swimming Program

Group Lesson

Group lessons are recommended for swimmers who want to train with other swimmers. Already existing swimming clubs or triathlon teams may be interested in this type of lesson. After an assessment consultation with the group, Coach Lisa will develop a program specially to match the groups level and goals. Group lessons can be held either in the pool or the ocean. Besides instructing the group as a whole, Coach Lisa will also give personal attention to each member. Group lessons offer the advantage of training for the start of a triathlon or open water competition.

One-On-One Lesson

One-on-one lessons are recommended for the swimmer who wants the most attentive and personalized training. After an assessment consultation, Coach Lisa will develop a program specifically for the student. One-on-one lessons can be done in either the pool or ocean. The location and time will need to be arranged. Coach Lisa will personally instruct the student on proper stretching, core training, stroke technique, and body positioning. The students progress will be monitored which may include videotaping. The standard one-on-one lesson is one hour, but can be adjusted.

Guest speaker

Motivation speeches, health care, wellness and etc.

Workout Sheets

Individualized workout sheets are recommended for the swimmer who wants to train on his or her own but does not know what training is best for him or her. After an assessment consultation with the student, Coach Lisa will develop a training program specifically fit for the student’s level, schedule and goals.



Teaching children the right way to swim requires a special skill set. A child must first learn to like the water, before he or she can start to learn how to swim. Coach Lisa has years of experience of instilling a positive attitude in children toward swimming.


All levels and all ages are welcome.

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Masters
  • Triathlete
  • Physically challenged